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The Site / Redevelopment of Informal Settlement, Makkah

Makkah city is one of the biggest cities in Saudi Arabia. It occupies the western region of the kingdom. It occupies an area of about 1200 kmĀ², with a population of 1,323,624. The site selected represents an informal mountainous site confronting a main commercial corridor (the third Ring Road) in Makkah. It is about 8.6 km away from the Holy Mosque (about 25 minutes by car). It has a strategic location due its proximity to some main services such as Kudai station for buses and cars heading to the Holy mosque, the General Court in Makkah, King Abdel Aziz Project for Zamzam water distribution and health and immigration centers in Kudai. From the west, it confronts one of the planned residential areas causing spatial segregation. Makka municipality is currently preparing projects for the rehabilitation of this area within a sustainable framework. 

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