Sustainable Urban Development SYMPOSIUM

Inclusive Urban Ingenuity

2-3 November 2021 @ Australian Pavilion, Saudi Arabia Pavilion , Youth Pavilion and ONLINE (Dubai time GMT+4)

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The Inclusive Urban Ingenuity Symposium acts as a catalysing platform for supporters of inclusivity in architecture, engineering, construction, urban planning, sustainable design and building, design, and allied professions. The symposium will bring together experts from academia, industry and government discussing various views on the topic and explore experiences and opportunities for further development to achieve ingenious Urban Inclusivity. The activities take place at the Australian Pavilion, the Saudi Arabia Pavilion and the Youth Pavilion during Expo 2020 Urban & Rural Development Week  and address the theme week question 'How do we live and grow in harmony with our planet?'. 

  The Symposium Executive Committee – 

 Adina Hempel, Daniela Ottmann, Joerg Baumeister

DAY ONE 2 Nov 2021

@ Youth Pavilion + ONLINE (Dubai time GMT+4)

10.00 Symposium Opening

Justin McGowan, Australia’s Commissioner-General  
Prof. Dr. Kevin Badni, Dean CACE/Zayed University
Prof. Dr. Daniela Ottmann, Symposium Chair


10.30–12.30 Panel 01

> AQUATIC Urbanism <

Chair: Prof. Dr. Joerg Baumeister
// SeaCities/Griffith University

Innovation Performance 
> Water <

Prof. Janet Bellotto 
// Zayed University


> Lunch <

DAY TWO 3 Nov 2021

@ Saudi Arabia Pavilion + ONLINE (Dubai time GMT+4)

10.00 Welcome Back

Hussain Hanbazazah, Commissioner General of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s pavilion

10.05–12.00 Panel 03

> Desert Architecture and Climate Design <

Chair: Prof. Dr. Daniela Ottmann
// Bond University 

Innovation Presentation
> Materials <

Prof. Heike Klussmann
// University Kassel – Baukunst Erfinden


> Lunch<

DAY ONE 2 Nov 2021

@ Saudi Arabia Pavilion + ONLINE (Dubai time GMT+4)

13.30–13.50 Talk 

 > Participation in Coastal Management <

Dr. Maryam Ficociello

13.50–14.20 Conversation 

 > Inclusivity and Education <

Prof. Daniela Ottmann in conversation with Asma Bukhammas and Yunsun Chung.

14.30–16.00 Panel 02

> Participation and Inclusivity <

Chair: Prof. Yasser Elsheshtawy
// Adjunct Professor Columbia University

DAY TWO 3 Nov 2021

@ Saudi Arabia Pavilion + ONLINE (Dubai time GMT+4)

13.00-13.20 Conversation

> Culture and Representation <

Opening Dialogue Prof. Adina Hempel with Shatha Al Mulla

13.20–15.15 Panel 04

> Culture and Representation <

Chair: Prof. Adina Hempel
// Zayed University

@Australia Pavilion (invite only)

15.30-16.30 Round Table

>  White Paper 'Inclusive Urban Ingenuity' <

17.00 Closing Reception

18.00 Dinner and Performances  

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